Hi reader! This is the prologue to my new fantasy book, Colors of the Mayhem. As a self-published author, I’m doing my best to market it and wanted to share a snippet on my Medium profile. I hope you enjoy! :)

Avora set down her feather pen and considered the words she had written. For decades she had wandered, yet despite all that time, she was still processing. She viewed that time of roaming as her penance. But after a while, each hill began looking familiar, as did each tree. She realized how enclosed she was, how small the world…

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Sweat, blood, and tears. That is the recipe for writing and publishing a book. And coffee — can’t forget coffee.

I wrote my book over a good ten-year period. Did this mean I laboriously poured over it and produced a masterpiece like Tolkien? No. It means I wrote when I could, for fun.

I initially started and finished my book in middle school; it was a whopping 189,000 words! Nobody wants (or deserves) to read that much from a middle schooler. …

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Hipcamp is for people with wanderlust and an itch to camp. And you don’t have to be hip (I’m not) to use their platform.

Before I continue, I have zero affiliation with Hipcamp, they don’t know I exist. In fact, I only booked my first campsite today, and I’m already really excited about it for several reasons:

  • Ease of use
  • Simple branding
  • Connects users with nature
  • Encourages outdoor activity
  • Lets listers profit from “unused” land
  • COVID-friendly

But first, what is Hipcamp?

It’s like AirBnB — except that all the listings are for camping. Now within Hipcamp is a range from…

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Have you ever tried remembering what life was like without social media? I struggle to. I made a Facebook account at a young age and was addicted to it for years. When I discovered Instagram it was the “next thing” that enraptured me. I spent ridiculous amounts of time just scrolling mindlessly.

The problem.

Most people who struggle with a social media “problem” want to jump ship and delete it cold-turkey style. I’ve done this (with Snapchat and Tik Tok) and it can work. But mediums like Instagram and Facebook are a bit more difficult for this method. Here’s why: both hold…

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Morning routines are powerful for getting your body and mind in sync. Depending on the routine you pick for yourself, the benefits of a morning routine might include:

  1. Starting every day in an intentional manner
  2. Facilitating creative thought processes
  3. Releasing undue stress

Those are just a few reasons you should look into developing a morning routine. Tim Ferriss and Tony Robbins, the Big T’s of the self-development world, both have morning routines that are meditation-heavy. …

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The most underrated yard tool to date is the machete. Why these aren’t on pedestals in hardware stores is beyond me.

Not only are these the fabled weapons of chaos (let that title sink in…keep it going…alright good) but the applicability of this tool is boundless, and consistently so, which might make the title I just gave it a misnomer.

If you’re not familiar with a machete, they’re shaped like razor-sharp, oversized yogurt spoons cut in half. They’re around two-feet long and consist of a blade and handle. …

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I spent four summers traveling from places like Armenia to Great Britain, Israel to Ukraine. One of the biggest challenges I encountered the first summer was finding good coffee.

I decided I would be prepared the following summer, so I started researching the best travel kits I could find. At the time, an Aeropress seemed like a great option, recommended by Tim Ferriss, one of my favorite podcasters. But that left out the grinder, the scale, the bag, etc. I also found a really cool Timbuk2 and Blue Bottle Travel Kit. That was another option, but too expensive for me…

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It feels like the Coronavirus has sucker-punched everybody’s “normal” in the gut.

I previously wrote a post about how I was laid off on March 18th and the best tools I used during my job hunt. This post outlines the methodology I took to find a job. It worked for me, I was able to lock down an offer in two weeks.

That said, I didn’t start my job hunt right away. I took a moment to breathe after I was laid off. You could call this a highly recommended Step One. I grabbed ice cream with my family, and…

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“I like my coffee strong.”

Strong coffee. A vague (and convoluted) term that’s lost its meaning as a consequence of overuse and false attribution. Most people refer to burnt, black coffee as “strong.” Now drop that term by the wayside and leave it there.

There is nothing wrong with drinking coffee that tastes like ash steeping in the heels of work boots. After all, the great Western writer, Louis L’Amour often referenced coffee in his books, here are a couple BA quotes I managed to fit in this No BS guide:

“I, fortunately, had the presence of mind to retain…

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When you get laid off, it’s okay to feel hurt, angry, and upset. I was laid off on March 18th, 2020, for reasons related to COVID-19, and it stung. I would say my pride took a hit, but to be completely honest, I was also relieved to be moving on to the next chapter.

If you get laid off, the best thing you can do is 1) know your worth and 2) practice gratitude. I was thankful for my time at the company as well as the fact that my whole family has been safe during this pandemic. Losing a…


Author: Colors of the Mayhem | Avid Coffee Drinker

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